About Us

Our Beginnings

We first started as new parents, with a brand spanking new daughter.

And as most parents can protest, a whole new world of fun and interesting things was apon us.

We found that our little daughter had skin that needed..... a little more attention. She had sensitive skin.

So, we done the running around looking for all the creams, lotions and ointments, for her skin to give her some bliss from the red rashes and itchy eczema. We tried most general supermarket soaps and most of the fencer soaps. We even tried the organic soaps from health stores. And after many soaps, lotions and humidifiers, we decided that we would try our hand at creating our own soap. Control the quality of the ingredients, the quantity of chemical additives and the process of making soap that is suited to her skin. 

Here is where our journey began.

The Formulation

We set out to Google, YouTube and the like for how to make soap.

We sifted through the oils and there benefits. and we formulated. And this is were it all fell over.

Soap, is not as easy as one would have you believe.

We done classes and lessons and looked up other information. We then, once again. Formulated and created soaps of many, until we found our mixture. 

Our gentle soap that washes away a day of a baby. and leaves the skin soft.

With no irritation for our little one. We continued to create and perfect our soap formulas, our scents and colours. and continued to create soap for our little one's

Final Creation

As our daughter grew up, so did her interest in our soap.

Hana designed and inspired soaps started to fill our home and our hearts.

We started gifting our soaps to our friends and family. And had very positive feed back on the results of its use. from beautiful, long lasting scents to rejuvenated skin. 

Hana has now asked if she can have her own store, where she can spread her soaps to other people who may benefit from its use.


Although we cannot guarantee the results you will have with our soaps, we can guarantee that we take the utmost care in the selection of ingrediency in our soaps, in our formulation and all manufacturing processes in our one of a kind. Hand Made Soaps